87 days to go – Happy New Year 2011

My new habit in 2011: load the blog!

Nini just showed me how to blog on our website.

Because I grew up with the great Captain Picard and his crew I am not used to type on a computer.
I can only talk to computers and then I keep waiting for Majels voice to confirm my input 🙂
Just kidding!

It is a cold and ugly sunday afternoon in Germany. I am still tired although I went to bed at 9pm last night.
But we need to get some things done…. Still lot of work to do before we will leave Germany.


Ein Kommentar zu “87 days to go – Happy New Year 2011

  1. Hehe…. ;)I fully understand your comment about Jean-Luc and the mighty computer… Would be cool to have a personal Majel-voiced super computer that knows everything and can do anything you want.Ah, anyway – Happy New Year to you guys as well and all the best for your planning and organizing! What a great adventure you are gonna have!And now: Tea – Earl Grey – Hot!Make it so!;)

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